Solarpunk Generation

We are the parents, kids, aunts, sisters, grandparents, uncles, and brothers working for a regenerative, healthy, just, and prosperous world. We are building a #Solarpunk future today. Join us!

Solarpunk Generation is launching a series of projects to spark a movement of innovation, regeneration, and collective intelligence through the use of arts, storytelling, intergenerational engagement, and holistic experiential learning in order to promote ecological health and resilience by facilitating the psychological health and resilience of children, youth, families, and diverse communities.The projects aim to generate, support, and catalyze ideas and solutions that can nurture the healing of vulnerable communities and the planet and harness our collective creativity to build a regenerative future for all generations.

The Specific Objectives of Solarpunk Generation are:Objective 1Act as a bridge between disconnected worlds by providing education and exposure to existing solutions in the Web3, ReFi, and regeneration ecosystems. This will be accomplished initially through the Solarpunk Generation Podcast , which is the seed for other upcoming projects. The podcast is currently in the production stage. It will feature inspiring individuals, from children to grandparents, and everyone in between (Gen Alpha, Gen Z, Millenials, etc.), actively working to build this future today.The stories will become material for a children’s book to share and further amplify the work of change-makers, activists, Earth stewards, and ReFi/climate leaders working on innovative ideas and solutions to inspire more families and adults to move into action.Objective 2Provide talent-development opportunities and emotional coping tools to align individual’s gifts to regeneration and climate change action efforts. This will be accomplished through a trauma-informed curriculum that aims to help individuals identify their unique roles in building this future. This curriculum will be initially piloted and tested as an enrichment resource for existing eco-literacy programs and on-the-ground local communities wishing to implement educational programming or consult to strengthen their pedagogical models, structures, and strategies.The curriculum will be eventually delivered through Solarpunk Camps offered seasonally. The curriculum combines best practices to address climate despair and eco-anxiety with research-based educational strategies to spark imagination, creativity, and innovation in children and youth, serving as a model for other local and global communities.Objective 3Elevate and amplify the voices and solutions of marginalized communities, including neurodiverse communities, and help them channel their creative energy to contribute to new and existing innovative and practical solutions to climate change, regeneration, and social justice issues. This will be accomplished through the podcast, children’s book, and curriculum.Objective 4Design, co-create, and facilitate in-person and online events that include shorter versions and stand-alone elements of the overall curriculum. These include nature restoration camps, art immersions, and experiential learning events focused on community-based and project-based service learning.Objective 5Collaborate with other projects, organizations, movements, individuals, and groups to promote ecological health and resilience and facilitate the creation of global networks of eco-hubs or Solarpunk Hubs and common pools of resources designed to harness our collective creativity to build a regenerative civilization.

Solarpunk Generation welcomes stewards, allies, co-creators, and collaborators. If you or your organization/DAO/project would like to collaborate, support, help amplify the mission, or donate anything (skills, ideas, funds, smiles, good vibes, or feedback), please reach out![email protected]OR